4th ESRA Educational Video Competition - ESRA

Terms and conditions

1. The Competition is organised by ESRA The European Society of Regional Anaesthesia & Pain Therapy.

2. Participants can be individuals, teams, institutions, companies and member organizations of or otherwise affiliated to ESRA.

3. The purpose of the Competition is to enhance the quality in the production of educational videos showing techniques or features in Regional Anaesthesia or Pain Therapy. Therefore any video produced for educational purposes in these field as well any project active in the last 2 years could be eligible.

4. The deadline for submitting the videos is April 15th, 2021.

5. The participants can submit their video uploading it to the competition website.

6. By submitting their videos, the participants agree to be bound by this Terms and Conditions.

7. Videos could compete in two categories 'educational' and 'others'. The core of Esra Videocontest is producing real educational video with a clear didactic value, consistent with Esra Academy content and purpose. Other videos could compete in the 'others' category.

8. ESRA president, ESRA secretary, ESRA Academy chairman and three members of the Academy subcommittee (elected by the subcommittee itself) will form the Jury. The Jury will evaluate all the entries, assigning a mark from 0 to 5 for each of the following features.
* content (significance of the block / technique illustrated)
* storyboard (how the content is structured, adherence to ESRA recomendations)
* video quality (quality of the presentation)
* educational quality (effectiveness of the presentation)
So each video will get a mark from 0 to 20.

9. The 6 videos with the highest marks will be shown during a session in the 39th ESRA Congress in Thessaloniki. ESRA Members participating to this sessions could express their vote with their App.

10. ESRA members attending the session could assign 1, 2 or 3 votes to each of the finalist videos. The average will be computed into the final ranking.

11. Participants are solely responsible for any costs, including taxes, duties or levies or other expenses incurred as a result of participating in the Competition.

12. By submitting their videos the participants confirm that the author(s) undertake not to oppose their names being recalled when their videos are presented to the public and confirms that their videos can be disseminated.

13. Except for the purpose of this Competition (including subsequent promotions as stated in Terms and Conditions hereof), ESRA will not disclose to any third-party, any personal information, including the participant's name, age, address, telephone number, and email address. Personal information will only be used in connection with the Competition.

14. ESRA reserves the right to modify, discontinue temporarily or permanently this Competition, at any time and without any liability whatsoever, with or without prior notice to participants.

15. Videos presently submitted cannot be submitted again in a following edition of the Award.

16. The video will avoid referring to any brand or company. Should a video be selected among the finalists, the Jury has the right to edit the video (blurring or deleting or cutting) to enforce this rule as well as asking the Author to do it.

17. Videos should not show part of other videos as well as useless soundtracks or special effects.

18. Relevant citations from the scientific literature should be inserted at the end of the video or as chyron (captions).

19. ESRA may disqualify any participant who does not comply with these Terms and Conditions. Entries of videos of disqualified participants will be withdrawn from the Competition.